November 2020


Class of 2020

Dear Student, 


As you know we had your suit’s day rearranged for Thursday 17th December, as we could not do it in the Summer when you completed year 11. It is with a heavy heart we are in the same situation again. Due to the lockdown restrictions that have recently been put in place it has affected our suits day booking for December.


We want nothing more than to give you all the Suits Day that you all deserve and this is still what we intend to do! 


We have moved the date to Summer 2021! We want to celebrate with you all and not let you miss out on one of the schools biggest traditions! 


We are arranging the actual date at the moment and we will send you the invites as soon as we have a date finalised. This letter is to let you know we have not forgotten about you and we still can’t wait to see you all again! 


We still want to do the whole ceremony, followed by refreshments in the upstairs bar at Broadway. 


Ollie will be sending a voting form for you to fill out closer to the time as well. It will be sent to your Stone Soup Learns account. 


I know that we still cannot make up for the time that you have lost, but I do hope that you will join us to end your time at Stone Soup Academy in a positive and fun way. It will also enable us to take loads of photos that we can put onto the walls of the academy to remind us all of your journey with us and for you all to fill us in on your year since leaving us. We can’t wait to see you all.


Please take care of yourselves. If you need us we will be here for you. You will always be part of our Stone Soup family.


Kind regards

Kerrie Henton


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