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Pupil premium

The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between them and their peers.

Stone Soup Academy only receives funding for students who are on single roll with us; referring schools use their Pupil Premium Funding to send students to our academy and as such the funding is used to provide personalised education for the students in that way. We do not receive this PPF directly and assume that it makes up part of the commissioning fees to the Stone Soup Academy.

The PPF that we do receive directly, along with the commissioning fees, are used to personalise learning through incentives, specialist tutors, college days and other similar items. This has helped students improve their attainment and ensure that disadvantaged students do not experience barriers to their learning and development. We have also invested this into establishing a healthy eating programme at the school, ensuring the students have access to and knowledge about better nutrition.

Charging and Remissions

We do not require payment from parents/carers for any aspect of the services we provide. Lunch, trips and activities are all provided at no cost to parents.


Employees and Earnings

We have no employees whose earnings exceed £100,000.

Career programme

Our careers and employability programme gives students opportunities to develop transferable skills, ensuring that they are fully supported to make informed choices about the next stage in their education, employment or training and also making use of expertise from other organisations such as Futures.

Our aim for all of our young people is that they go on to lead happy, successful and fulfilling careers in the future. Pupils receive advice and guidance to help inspire them towards further study and enable them to make informed decisions whenever choices are open to them. We are committed to ensuring our provision of careers and employability education meets the requirements of the Gatsby Benchmarks.

The Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework of 8 guidelines that define the best careers provision in schools and colleges. The results show how our answers compare to the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks

Benchmark 1

A stable careers programme
Your school has met 94% of the 17 assessment areas in benchmark 1
Percentage of schools nationally meeting this benchmark
Benchmark 2
Learning from career & labour market information
Your school has met 100% of the 2 assessment areas in benchmark 2
Percentage of schools nationally meeting this benchmark
Benchmark 3
Addressing the needs of each pupil
Your school has met 100% of the 7 assessment areas in benchmark 3Percentage of schools nationally meeting this benchmark
Benchmark 4
Linking curriculum learning to careers
Your school has met 56% of the 4 assessment areas in benchmark 4
Percentage of schools nationally meeting this benchmark
Benchmark 5
Encounters with employers & employees
Your school has met 100% of the single assessment area in benchmark 5Percentage of schools nationally meeting this benchmark
Benchmark 6
Experiences of workplaces
Your school has met 100% of the single assessment area in benchmark 6Percentage of schools nationally meeting this benchmark
Benchmark 7
Encounters with further and higher education
Your school has met 85% of the 5 assessment areas in benchmark 7Percentage of schools nationally meeting this benchmark
Benchmark 8
Personal guidance
Your school has met 100% of the single assessment area in benchmark 8Percentage of schools nationally meeting this benchmark
of the 17 assessment areas in benchmark 1

Careers Offer for Year 10 and 11 Students

100% of students receive advice and guidance interviews from Jordan who has a Level 6 Diploma in Careers Guidance and Development.
100% of students last year received conditional offers from their desired destination.

Year 10

• Visits to local Universities/Colleges (Nottingham Trent) and making use of our extensive connections to bring professional into the Academy.
• World Skills Day apprenticeship Fair.

Year 11

• The Academy ensures that all Year 11 students can access the Futures website, which contains a large list of all the local employers who will take work experience placements and who have already been health and safety tested.
• World Skills Day Apprenticeship Fair
• Mock Interview Day
• Taster Days and College Visits
• One on One advice and guidance meetings

Work experience opportunities

Students can access work experience opportunities with this login through the Futures website:


username: StoneSoupStudent
password: Stonesoup123

Success Measures

We measure the success of the careers programme through percentage of students in work, employment or training. In 2016/17 we had 94% of students either in education, work or training and in 2017/18 this increased to 96%, 2018/2019 it went to 97% and now in 2019/2020 it is at 100%

Our Careers information can be accessed through our Careers Leader Jordan Senior and Jordan can be contacted via email: or via telephone on 0115 8221834.

We review the careers programme annually.

Exam and Assessment Results

Stone Soup Academy focuses on engagement with education and reintegration with schools. The average time a student is with us is 28 weeks, and the courses offered to students reflect that. With this in mind, we offer GCSEs and GCSE equivalents in-line with the time a student will be with us, their starting point and alignment with the referring school’s needs.

We are not on national performance tables as we do not have students for the whole of their academic career. However, please click here to see the achievements of pupils in alternative provision and our stats.

Analysis data 2019-2020

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Governors' Information and Duties

Chair of Governors: Tina Byrom

Governors: Kerrie Henton, Richard Elston, Joanna Gillum, Claire Turnbull, Nicola O’Connor, Claire Knee and Rueben Williams

If you require any copies of the information above, please contact the school directly and these will be provided free of charge. Take a look at our Governance page for more information. Any enquiries should be addressed to the Principal, Kerrie Henton.