About Stone Soup Academy

You will find key information regarding our admission arrangements, our history and ethos and links to key documentation.

Studying at Stone Soup Academy

Information on our courses, what our students can expect, what we expect in return.

Introduction from the Principal

Introduction from the Principal summarising the core principles of the school and our journey so far

Our Learning Offer

To promote effective and enjoyable learning, the Stone Soup Academy has adopted a number of strategies. As an alternative provision free school, we tailor our environment and curriculum around the specific difficulties our students face.

The strategies adopted include:

  • Highly Personalised Pathways: These will be based on accurate and sensitive awareness of the educational needs of each student and 'stage not age' progression.  The pathways will help raise aspirations of the most able and will improve the success of the less able and more vulnerable students.

  • Dynamic and Integrated Programmes of Study: The Academy will seek to develop partnerships with other schools, voluntary groups, local business, public services and other providers to enrich the range of courses and opportunities on offer to students.

  • Development of transferable Life Long Study Skills: Within lesson time,  resources will be allocated to enable students to develop core skills to support their self-directed and collaborative learning.  Priority will be given to students’ self-development, enabling them to take initiative and to take responsibility for their learning through Growth Mindset.

  • Improving Outcomes in Core Subjects: Time and resources will be allocated to improve outcomes in English, Mathematics and Science.

  • Effective Monitoring of Progress: Effective monitoring of academic progress through various mechanisms ensures a wraparound approach to student achievement.

  • Wide and Varied Curriculum Enrichment Programmes: These will be available to students through the allocation of a significant block of time within the school week and include a range of short courses and tasters as well as sporting and creative activities.

We provide an outstanding and inspirational education that empowers students to reach their full potential, and helps them to choose the most appropriate next steps in their learning journeys.

All of these strategies have been developed with the students themselves in mind, taking care to protect students who are less able and more vulnerable. We focus on accurate and sensitive awareness of the educational and personal needs of each student, with various mechanisms in place to monitor progress and development. With very comfortable staff-to-student ratios, we are able to create bespoke and individualised learning opportunities that raise students' aspirations and initiative. Throughout their time with us, we hope that students will build a robust portfolio of core skills to support their self-directed and collaborative learning.

The curriculum we offer is balanced with GCSE and GCSE equivalents as well as additional awards and certificates. Alongside this, there is a suite of short courses available, ranging for RE and Sociology, through to Rock Band and Animal Care. These courses offer students an opportunity to explore areas of interest previously unavailable to them, with a view of inspiring and broadening horizons. In addition to this, we offer a range of enrichment activities including climbing, bowling, and football. We also offer work experience opportunities, college and apprenticeship tasters via our Post-16 advisor to support a smooth transition into life after school.