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Introduction from the Principal

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French FCSE

Units studied will be taught in a range of realistic and practical contexts:

Unit 1 – Relationships, Family and Friends - personal descriptions, relationships with friends and family, problems and differences, likes/dislikes and opinions

Unit 3 – Holidays and Travel – holiday destinations and activities, getting around, preferences and opinions

Unit 6 – Food and Drink – shopping for food and drink, preferences and opinions on food/drink, eating habits.

Students produce 6 assignments (ie 3 Reading and 3 Writing) all of which must be available for moderation.

• For each of the three units undertaken, students must produce an assignment in both skills ie Reading and Writing.

• One of the 3 Writing assignments submitted must be an externally set translation from English into the target language.

This course encourages students to:

• develop the ability to understand and use French effectively for purposes of practical communication

• develop an awareness of the nature of language, including grammar, and language learning

• develop positive attitudes to foreign language learning and to speakers of foreign languages and an understanding of other cultures and civilisations

• develop skills which have a wider application, such as memorising and communication skills

• experience enjoyment and intellectual stimulation.