About Stone Soup Academy

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Studying at Stone Soup Academy

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Introduction from the Principal

Introduction from the Principal summarising the core principles of the school and our journey so far

Art & Design

Aims of the department:
At Stone Soup Academy we create a fun and engaging environment which enables our students to express themselves through art. In the words of Pablo Picasso: “Learn the rules like a pro, then break them like an artist!”

 We encourage individual creativity, through engaging hands-on activities and exploration of artists and materials within a revitalising atmosphere. Teachers demonstrate essential skills and techniques, which learners can apply to a portfolio of art that the student can take forward to further education making art and design their specialist subject!


Students explore the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Creative Crafts, broadening their understanding of the fundamental skills and techniques used as the building blocks for artwork creation. They do this through 3 units based around:

  • Unit 1 - Material Exploration
  • Unit 2 - Company Design
  • Unit 3 - Development Processes
  • Unit 4 - Ending with a final piece encompassing all the skills they have soaked up.

This qualification is designed for learners aged pre-16 with no previous experience, just a thirst for exploration and development. Learners are encouraged to pursue and strengthen personal creative craft processes through analytical research, considering health and safety within the craft environment.

The course is assessed through learners’ production of a portfolio based on the criteria set in each unit.