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Introduction from the Principal

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Information for Families and Carers

"I can't thank you all enough for going over and beyond in supporting [my son]. You are an amazing team and I am grateful to you all. Stone Soup has given a great foundation and would even say it has saved his education." - Mother of former year 11 student

Stone Soup Academy is committed to the involvement and participation of families and carers in the education and continued well-being of all our students. We maintain regular contact with parents/caregivers as well as outside agencies involved in each student’s welfare to provide the best possible level of support and protection for all-round development, in keeping with our mission as an organisation. Throughout the school year, we have several opportunities for families and carers to visit the Academy and experience first hand the progress their student has made. Views and feedback are welcomed and appreciated.

We strongly believe in celebrating the achievements made by each student. Twice a year, we invite all parents and carers to a school celebration evening to meet our team and see some of the work produced by students.

Every student referred to us must successfully complete a six week induction period. It is vitally important that the students who attend the Academy actually want to be here, as this is instrumental to reducing barriers to engagement and attendance. Whatever their previous experience at school, we offer the opportunity for a fresh start with no pre-judgement. The young people we work with may have been placed with us for a wide variety of reasons: they may display disruptive behaviour in mainstream school, may have missed lots of school through illness or home circumstances, suffered from bullying,  truanted from school or be struggling with mainstream subjects but wanting to gain alternative qualifications. At SSA students can be themselves and achieve their goals without having to be concerned with what may have gone before. Ultimately we aim for our young people to re-engage with mainstream education, to achieve GCSE and equivalent qualifications and to develop their own confidence and personal skills to enable them to continue achieving after their placement has ended.

We work closely with the referring school to plan the best possible provision for each individual, creating an Individual Learning Plan which collates their personal details, current attainment level, areas of strength and identified areas of need. This is updated and reviewed to keep a close watch on progress, as the goal is for them to re-engage with mainstream education and continue achieving after their placement here has ended.

In order to enrich our students’ learning experience, we often use local facilities such as leisure centres and parks. Additionally, some students take part in off-site education activities hosted by specialist colleges and training providers. This is subject to a parental consent form issued at the time we accept the student referral via their school; however, an additional, specific consent form may be required if the trip is outside Nottingham.

We use a ‘Class Dojo’ reward system throughout the day to promote punctuality, hard work, politeness, and respect. Teachers may award or deduct points dependent upon behaviour, and during the course of the year these points are collated and can lead to real rewards.

All students will be provided with lunch and drinks free of charge.

Stone Soup will not charge parents or expect payment for any activities or trips undertaken. 


You are welcome to contact us at any time if you have any worries, queries, or feedback, or would like to let us know about a change in the student’s circumstances.

If you have any safeguarding concerns, please email them to us directly at safeguarding@stonesoupacademy.org.uk

If you require any support online safety, please see the resources below - they are designed specifically for parents.





If you would like a paper of copy of the information provided on our website, this will be provided free of charge upon request.