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Introduction from the Principal

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Steph Carter

Art Teacher

I look forward to my time here each and every day!

"Steph has been interested in creative arts since a very young age. This became a real passion for her once she completed her GCSEs and A-levels, and she continued to push boundaries in order to develop her creative skills while completing a Bachelor of Arts course at Derby University. She graduated with a First Class degree in Computer Games Modelling and Animation, taking part in several artistic projects as a freelance artist in Derby as a result. 

Steph's first experience of teaching was when she was welcomed back to her old university course as an Associate professor. While not always a life long dream, this fuelled Steph's aspirations to pass on her knowledge and support those with raw talent. Since then she has been a teaching assistant working closely with SEN students, as well as a Secondary School art teacher. Now studying to achieve her teaching qualification, she continues to put in a lot of effort into inspiring a new generation of artists.

She truly believes that "there is no can't, only try and try again"; she lives and works by this quote, and instils this attitude into her students to help them build confidence in their own abilities.

Steph has been at Stone Soup for 2 years, and says: "Stone Soup Academy is like no other school that I have come across. It's bizarre but in an amazing way! Staff and students work together and for each other in order to get the best out of everyone. There is no divide, only Stone Soup, and you can see this from what each and every student is able to achieve in their time here. It is a pleasure to be a part of these students' education and see them gain the confidence they may have lost!"