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Rebekka Ashmore

Engagement Assistant

I place high precedence on providing bespoke support for each student, having high expectations of them and encouraging them to achieve all they are capable of.”

Becky graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2014 with a First Class Honours degree in Childhood Studies. Her dissertation researched the way Secondary Schools can promote self-esteem in students, stemming from her belief that self-esteem is crucial for children and can be a barrier to learning. Of her work at Stone Soup Becky states “I endeavour to raise the self-esteem of every student I work with and enable them to believe in themselves. They may need additional support but they can achieve and I believe in them and expect them to achieve. I feel for young people, having someone have faith in them is paramount. Schools are extremely influential in children’s lives and I welcome being part of this and playing a positive role.”

Alongside her degree Becky also studied a Counselling qualification, which gave her a strong ability to listen to and value the voice of young people and highlighted its importance. This is an area that she feels is vital and positively implements in her role as an Engagement Team Assistant at Stone Soup Academy.

Becky has experience of working within Nottingham City Council Children and Families Services involving working with vulnerable, sometimes challenging young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties. She has carried out work as a support worker within both a youth centre and residential homes, and her previous role as a family support worker gave her the confidence and ability to engage and relate to parents and carers.

Becky highlights that her role at Stone Soup Academy allows her to make a difference to the lives of young people who for whatever reason did not engage with mainstream school. She states, “I always try to instil into our students that despite your circumstances you can and should follow your dreams and achieve your full potential. Then, when they leave us and go on to college placements or apprenticeships, knowing you played a part in that is one of the best feelings.”