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Michelle Rogers

Engagement Assistant

Stone Soup is like a big family!"

Michelle started working at the Stone Soup Academy two and a half years ago as a domestic cleaner around the school. Michelle quickly realised that she would like to put her wealth of knowledge and experience of counselling into practice within a more support-focussed role to assist students with their personal barriers and feelings. Michelle now works full-time as an Engagement Team Officer providing bespoke pastoral support to all students of the Stone Soup Academy.

Michelle has an extensive background in Counselling and Child care, and she gained a BA Hons degree in Humanistic Counselling practice, Diploma in Counselling Children and Adolescents and an NVQ 3 in Childcare.

Prior to working at Stone Soup, Michelle has worked with survivors of rape, childhood sexual abuse and domestic abuse. Michelle also has vast experience of working as Nursery Nurse Early Years Practitioner, but felt that her particular skill set was best suited to supporting adolescents and young people.

Of her work at Stone Soup Academy, Michelle says:

"Stone Soup Academy is the best employment that I have had since leaving School. I feel personal satisfaction at the end of each day knowing I had an input in students progressing in their own life and getting one step closer into become a well-rounded adult. I feel this helps the student make the correct choices for them in order to achieve at School. I feel I did not get this support in school which resulted in me underachieving, I needed Stone Soup 20 years ago!

My role within the Engagement team is to re-engage students back into lessons, deal with challenging behaviours and offer students my time so they can offload their difficulties in reflection sessions. I also conduct Student visits, first day inductions and support the students for six weeks to ensure they settle into their new School."