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About Stone Soup Academy

You will find key information regarding our admission arrangements, our history and ethos and links to key documentation.

Studying at Stone Soup Academy

Information on our courses, what our students can expect, what we expect in return.

Introduction from the Principal

Introduction from the Principal summarising the core principles of the school and our journey so far

Kerry Day

English Teacher/Animal Care

It is a pleasure to work with the young people at Stone Soup every day".

Kerry is soon to complete her third year of teaching and has taught a variety of subjects but the main subjects have been Religious Education and English.

Kerry studied Philosophy and Religion at Wolverhampton University and has always had a passion for reading literature by the greatest minds of our times. After gaining her PGCE at Newman University Birmingham, Kerry started her teaching career in a Catholic Secondary School, this taught her many things about forming positive relationships with young people and experimenting with different pedagogical approaches.

Kerry believes that Stone Soup is like a big family unit and we all work together to inspire the young people that they can have an incredible future. Kerry joined the Stone Soup Academy team in September 2018 and teaches English and Animal Care.