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Introduction from the Principal

Introduction from the Principal summarising the core principles of the school and our journey so far

Helen Spurr


“I am proud to be part of a team who place inclusion and equality of opportunity at the core of their daily work"

Helen’s career spans over three decades and has been dedicated to promoting inclusive practice: empowering teachers to provide high quality personalised learning experiences and supporting learners to value their individual differences in preparation for adult life in a diverse society. In a previous role as a County Advisory Teacher for Special Education, she has been responsible for delivering training on inclusive practice to schools across the country. At the heart of the training was Helen’s commitment to working in partnership with parents, teachers and agency staff as the most effective way to support students achieve their best outcomes.

As a SENCO, Helen is qualified to carry out a range of assessments to identify potential barriers to learning and she is also a qualified assessor for exam access arrangements.

Previously Assistant Principal at a local secondary school, Helen has a degree in history  and a Master’s Degree in Special Education.