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Studying at Stone Soup Academy

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Introduction from the Principal

Introduction from the Principal summarising the core principles of the school and our journey so far

Clare Barlow

Assistant Principal

I am proud to be part of the innovative and creative teaching and learning at Stone Soup."

Clare has been a teacher for 8 years and has always had a passion for creating learning experiences that are meaningful and reflect the world around us. In previous roles, she has been responsible for designing new curriculum models that blend STEM and the arts. She believes that by giving students culturally relevant learning, you can ignite a desire for learning and progress that is self motivated, thereby encouraging learners to become independent and find out for themselves.

The principle reason that Clare became a teacher was to make a difference and ‘bridge gaps’. She is firmly committed to enabling students to take the next steps towards their future with confidence, knowing they have a suite of qualifications behind them that support whichever route they choose to take, be it vocational or academic.

Clare’s work with the teaching team shares expertise and best practice to ensure students have engaging, thought-provoking lessons that have progress at their core.

Previously Head of English at a city school, Clare has a degree in English Studies and Masters in Teaching and Learning.