Studying at SSA

Information on our courses, what our students can expect, what we expect in return.

Studying at Stone Soup Academy

Information on our courses, what our students can expect, what we expect in return.

Compliance Items

"This is an Outstanding school."

Stone Soup Academy was rated as ‘Outstanding’ in its most recent Ofsted inspection.

You can view the full report here, or find it on the Ofsted website here.




Admissions (for further information on admissions arrangements, please see our Admissions page)


Behaviour (including our anti-bullying policy)


Equal Opportunities for Students

Safeguarding (If you would like to raise any safeguarding concerns, please email

Complaints Policy for Students, Parents and Carers


Values and Ethos 

Please see Our Mission in conjunction with the Equal Opportunities for Students and Behaviour Policies.


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

At the Stone Soup Academy we focus on supporting students with SEND through a range of support, interventions and differentiation. For more information, please see our SEND Policy and SEN Report 2016/17. 

Equality Objectives 

Please see Our Mission in conjunction with the Equal Opportunities for Students Policy.


Accessibility Plan for Disabled Pupils

Our site is wheelchair friendly, with ramps and a lift to ensure anyone with challenges to mobility is able to access the facilities. With individually tailored learning plans, every student has the opportunity to participate without restriction and staff are constantly available to students to address any concerns or worries. We are committed to maximising the engagement of every student.

Please also see the Equal Opportunities for Students policy.


Charging and Remissions

We do not require payment from parents/carers for any aspect of the services we provide. Lunch, trips and activities are all provided at no cost to parents.


Pupil Premium

The pupil premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between them and their peers.

Stone Soup Academy only receives funding for students who are on single roll with us; referring schools use their Pupil Premium Funding to send students to our academy and as such the funding is used to provide personalised education for the students in that way. We do not receive this PPF directly and assume that it makes up part of the commissioning fees to the Stone Soup Academy.

The PPF that we do receive directly, along with the commissioning fees, are used to personalise learning through incentives, specialist tutors, college days and other similar items. This has helped students improve their attainment and ensure that disadvantaged students do not experience barriers to their learning and development. We have also invested this into establishing a healthy eating programme at the school, ensuring the students have access to and knowledge about better nutrition.



Please find information relating to our curriculum under Our Courses.


Exam and Assessment Results

Stone Soup Academy focuses on engagement with education and reintegration with schools. The average time a student is with us is 28 weeks, and the courses offered to students reflect that. With this in mind, we offer GCSEs and GCSE equivalents in-line with the time a student will be with us, their starting point and alignment with the referring school’s needs.

We do not take KS2 or KS3 students. We are not on national performance tables as we do not have students for the whole of their academic career. However, please click here to see the achievements of pupils in alternative provision and our stats.


Key Stage 4 Exam and Assessment Results 2016/17
Percentage of pupils who achieved a C or above (or 4-9) in GCSEs (or equivalent) in 5 or more subjects including English and Maths x
Percentage of pupils who achieved a 4-9 or above in English and Maths GCSE 5.1%
Percentage of pupils who achieved a GCSE (or equivalent) at any grade  94.9%
Percentage of pupils who achieved a pass in any qualification 100%
Percentage of pupils who achieved the English Baccalaureate 
Percentage of students staying in education or employment after key stage 4 (destinations)  94% 


Financial Reports and Accounts 

Stone Soup Academy Annual Returns 2017

Stone Soup Academy Funding Agreement

Memorandum and Articles of Association


Governors' Information and Duties

Chair of Governors: Aftab Hussain

Governors: Bethany Adams, Colin Bradley, Tina Byrom, Daniel Hanson, Martin Williams, Kerrie Henton


Please refer to the Governance page for further details regarding the governing body.



If you require any copies of the information above, please contact the school directly and these will be provided free of charge. Any enquiries should be addressed to the Principal, Kerrie Henton.