Pythian Club and Nottingham Forest

Through Graham Moran at Nottingham Forest our Stone Soup students have been enabled to work with the Pythian Club. The Pythian Club focus on empowering young people and creating a platform for them to express themselves. Our learners were invited to the Bonington Theatre in Arnold to watch their thought provoking performance ‘double edge’ based on the consequences of knife crime and its impact on families, communities and individuals and were asked to give their feedback. The students were educated on young person led change, the law on knife possession and using a knife and joint enterprise. It was amazing to see how well our students engaged with this and 10 of them will hopefully go forward to be involved in a performance with the Pythian Club. It was such a privilege to have our students involved with this passionate group of people whose vision is to create an army of young people all making the right choices.

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