Live Lesson Code of Conduct 

Behaviour Expectations

At Stone Soup Academy we are dedicated to providing our students with an outstanding provision whether our students are accessing their education on site or working remotely. At all times our expectations of our students remain high and as such students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the Stone Soup Behaviour Policy whilst accessing Live Lessons.

Whilst accessing Live Lessons students of Stone Soup Academy will: 

  • Set up a laptop / device used to access the lesson in an appropriate space ensuring there is no background noise.
  • Log into the lesson on time.
  • Treat staff & students respectfully. This includes responding appropriately to staff and students and listening to and being respectful of others when they are contributing.
  • Engage and contribute positively. 
  • Use respectful language both verbally and in writing when submitting comments.
  • Dress in appropriate clothing ensuring hoods are down.


Whilst accessing Live Lessons students of Stone Soup Academy will not: 

  • Behave in a way that threatens or intimidates others.
  • Use derogatory language either verbally or in writing when submitting comments.
  • Distract other students from their learning.
  • Use additional devices (such as a mobile phone) during the lesson.
  • Use or display on their screen any smoking, drug or alcohol related paraphernalia. 
  • Record or take screenshots of the lesson (The lesson will be recorded by the school to allow access after the live lesson has taken place).

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