Dear parents, carers and guardians,

As the Minister for Skills, I am writing to you to give you some important information about your child’s options when they leave school or college.

This week is National Apprenticeship Week. Apprenticeships help people learn skills whilst they do paid work, giving them the experience they need to develop great careers in the jobs our economy needs.

Since I became the Minister last year, I have talked to a lot of young people who have chosen to become an apprentice – training for a job whilst earning a salary and gaining valuable qualifications and experience.

All apprenticeship costs are paid for by the employer and the government. Your child will not have any student loans or tuition fees. They will spend up to 80% of their time in the workplace applying what they learn in their training – and they are paid (the wage they earn depends on the job, and many employers pay well).

There are hundreds of apprenticeships across an enormous range of occupations, in the largest multinational companies or with small local employers.

And there are apprenticeships equivalent to GCSEs or A levels or university degrees – so whatever your child’s final qualifications are when they leave school or college, there are opportunities.

To search for apprenticeships in your area click here.

New apprenticeships become available all the time, so keep checking online to see what opportunities have come up.

Apprenticeships give people a chance to learn, earn and achieve – please consider them when you
are helping your child explore their next step.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Burghart
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Minister for Skills)


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