FAQs for Parents 


Google Meet is the official platform that SSA teachers use when hosting live lessons with Students. SSA has recently updated the permissions for Google Meet so that teachers will be able to deliver live lessons via each students @stonesouplearns.com account.  


In these live lessons students will have the ability to participate in lessons with their teachers and to ask questions via voice or by text chat. 


The following FAQs provide additional information for parents about the use of Google Meet for live lessons between teachers and students. 


How will live lessons be delivered? 


Teachers will email a link to students on their @stonesouplearns account, which will take them to their live lesson. 


Will live lessons be recorded? 


Yes, live lessons will be recorded and stored on the teacher’s Google Drive. Teachers are recording all live lessons to ensure students who aren’t able to participate live have access to the content and to provide an accurate record of the events of the lesson. 


SSA requires parental consent before a student can be recorded 


If you do not consent to your child being recorded you can do the following:


  • Ensure that your child keeps their video camera off during live lessons, and 
  • Use the chat feature to type messages and interact with your teacher. 

Can a student join a live lesson without a teacher present?

No, a teacher must be present before a student is allowed to join. 


Is live lesson content monitored or moderated? 


Since students cannot participate in a live lesson without a teacher present, all sessions will be moderated by a teacher and recorded. 


My child is having trouble accessing live lessons via Google Meet. What can I do to help? 


Only SSA users can join Meets created by SSA teachers. This means that your child needs to sign in to Google Meet with their account before joining the Meet. For students with laptops and tablets, the easiest way to participate in live lessons via Google Meet is to ensure their child is signed into their @stonesouplearns account, and to click the link teachers have sent via email.

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