Dear Parent/Carer


Welcome back to term 6. I hope that you received my previous letter detailing all the events for this term of which there are many. If you have misplaced it you will find a copy on the news section of the website.


I wanted to catch up with you to highlight the changes for your child moving forward this term.


As you will be aware Year 9 students have now transitioned across to High Pavement leaving space at Richmond House for students in year 8 of Stepping Stones to transition to year 9 at Richmond House. This means that from Monday 20th of June, the times of the school day will change for them and that they will need to arrive by 9.15 a.m.  If they arrive after 9.15 a.m. they will be late.


Now that they are in year 9 they can start to collect Dojo points which will turn into money, if they achieve certain targets listed below:- 


Students have the chance to earn £4 a day at Stone Soup Academy. 


Here is a breakdown of how it works  – 


Students earn daily – 


£2 if they are on time and earn 20 points

£3 if they are on time and earn 30 points

£4 if they earn on time and earn 40 points 


On time = 9:15am


Please highlight this to your child and ensure that they arrive at 9 a.m.


If a student is late they can still earn the money for the day but £1 will be taken off the amount as we do not want to remove the incentive. However students still need to be on 90% or above on punctuality for the whole time they attend Stone Soup Academy to earn their money. If they are late everyday they can technically earn the money each day but at the end of the year they will be nowhere near the punctuality target of 90%. This procedure is in place for one off occasions when bus/trams etc are late. 


For students to earn their money at the end of the year 11 they will need – 


  • 90% attendance 
  • 90% punctuality
  • 95% on class dojo 
  • 7.0 or above on student behaviour 


There is the capacity for students to earn up to £3,075 by the end of year 11 if they meet all their daily targets and do not lose any points and successfully complete their time at Stone Soup Academy. This money will then be paid into their own bank account at the end of year 11. Any student who leaves the academy before the end of year 11 will lose any money earnt. 


Uniform Expectations


As you know, we do not have a uniform but we do have expectations of what is appropriate to be worn in the academy, especially as the days are getting warmer. Please would you support us in ensuring that your child comes to school in appropriate clothes for a school environment. This means that they do not wear crop tops or low cut tops, shorts that are very short or leggings that are too tight and any garment that shows underwear. If a child does turn up wearing inappropriate clothes then they will not be allowed to enter the academy. They can go home and get changed and return. We are trying to prepare our young people for the world of work and acceptable work wear is part of this process. For safeguarding purposes we also do not allow hats/hoods to be worn in the academy as it means that we cannot readily identify students.


Next Friday the 24th of June is Suits day for our year 11 students and as such the academy will close a little earlier at 12 noon.


As always please contact me if you have any questions or if you need any support.


Thank you


Kind regards

Kerrie Henton


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