Expectations - Parent letter 02/10/2020

2nd October 2020


Dear Parent/Carer,


It’s hard to believe we are already approaching the last 2 weeks of our first half term of the year having had such a long period of time working remotely. As a school community we have enjoyed getting back to normality and we have been so impressed by the positive manner in which our students have returned in terms of both behaviour and attendance.


Having been away for so long and with a number of new students starting I would like to take this opportunity to make clear our expectations of students to ensure we continue to encourage positive behaviours and maintain the calm and positive atmosphere that contributes to our outstanding provision.


Dress Code


As you are aware we do not have a school uniform so students are given the freedom to wear what they choose. However we do expect our students to be dressed appropriately for a school setting. For us this means that students do not wear revealing clothing and that shoulders, cleavage and midriffs are not on show and that trousers, shorts and skirts are long enough and not so tight that they are inappropriately revealing. 


We also ask that students do not wear clothing displaying inappropriate slogans or messages (e.g. swear words, gang images or images of drugs). When students arrive at the academy wearing such items we are more than happy to provide them with an alternative item of clothing that is appropriate however if students refuse this support they will be unable to come into the Academy building. 


Inappropriate Items


When students arrive at SSA they are welcomed by our Senior Leadership Team before entering through our main door and being searched (including the use of a wand) by members of the Engagement Team who you will know as Personal Coaches. 


The purpose of the search is to ensure the safety of our academy community and for the most part is a very quick and unobtrusive process. Before students are searched we ask that they hand in their mobile phones and any other electrical devices, drinks other than water, snacks (such as sweets, chocolate and crisps), chewing gum, smoking paraphernalia (including lighters, paper wraps, tobacco) and aerosol deodorants or sprays. These items will then be kept in student lockers until the end of the school day when they will be returned to the students. 


For the majority of our students these items are handed over quickly, however we do have some that attempt to sneak inappropriate items into the school building. So students are clear and there are no grey areas regarding this, we will issue students with a warning on ClassDojo for bringing inappropriate items into and or using inappropriate items into the Academy. This includes using mobile phones, chewing gum and this will mean students are not able to earn any money on that day. 


For items that we consider to be dangerous including sharp objects, items that may be used as weapons and any form of alcohol or illegal drugs or drug related paraphernalia such as grinders, students will be asked to hand these in. These items will not receive them back and parents and the police (where appropriate) will be informed. 


I hope that this adds clarity to our expectations moving forward but as always if you have any concerns or questions then please contact me.


Kind regards


Kerrie Henton


Stone Soup Academy

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