Class dojo letter - Bank Accounts

Dear Parent/Carer,


As part of our mission to give your child the best education possible, we have implemented incentives to encourage them to focus and to help prepare them for the working world. One of these methods is the ‘Class Dojo’ reward system. Throughout the day to promote punctuality, hard work, politeness, respect and other positive behaviours. Teachers may award or deduct points dependent upon behaviour, and during the course of the year these points are collated and can lead to real rewards.


With your permission, these positive Class Dojo points can translate into a monetary sum. Where applicable, this money will be released into the student’s bank account at some period during September of the year that they leave the school. 


Please note that if their placement is ended early or if their attendance, punctuality or class dojo score drops below 90% by the time that they leave us, these rewards will be forfeited and your child will not receive any money. 


A student who fails to attend all their will also lose the right to claim their money. 


As we move towards the end of their time with us at Stone soup Academy, we do require your permission to make a payment and also bank details for your child. 


Please complete the attached form by 1st June 2020. If we do not have the details or consent by this date, unfortunately we will be unable to transfer any money earned into your child’s bank account and these monies will be forfeited. If your child does not currently have a bank account, we recommend that you take this opportunity to open one for them. We are only able to transfer this money into the student’s own account.


I must stress that if we do not receive parental permission, your child will not be paid the money they have earned. It is a legal requirement that we have parental permission for any money transfers. 


Please contact us on 0115 822 1834 with any queries.


Kindest regards,


Kerrie Henton


Stone Soup Academy


Please download this form and return by Monday 1st June 2020.



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